National Nutrition Day

ENSA has the honor to announce an unprecedented event in its1ST edition: “National Nutrition Day” on Saturday April 29, 2023 at ENSA (amphi aissa). Organized by Professor BITAM Arezki and his Food and students.

A day rich in information and knowledge sharing which will take place at the Aissa amphitheater from 9am.

this day is aimed at the entire university community, in particular that of ENSA. The speakers will make their presentations in English and which will be mainly in the field of human nutrition

The “National Nutrition Day” is an event organized  on April 29, 2023 in its first edition by professor Bitam and his team and students at ENSA. 

This event was marked, in addition to the administrative staff presence, by the participation of the communicators Pr. Amrouche Tahar, Dr. Boumehira A.Z and Pr.Bitam as well as the scientific oral communication sessions led by Dr. Aissaoui O and Aissiou Y.Everyone agreed to share their scientific knowledge in the objective to support a safe alimentation for a better health. Looking forward to seeing you again in future editions.