Webinar, 05 “Deciding on a daily basis: Certainties and uncertainties for engineers, processes, approaches, behaviors and participatory and collective decisions”

Every day we are faced with complex, uncertain, and variable decision-making situations, and it
can be challenging. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar titled “Deciding on a Daily Basis: Certainties
and Uncertainties for Engineers, Processes, Approaches, Behaviors, and Participatory and Collective
This 2-hour webinar is organized as part of our AgriTech_ENSA program. It will be held on May 18,
2023, at 1:00 PM and will be facilitated by an expert speaker in the field. During this session, you will
have the opportunity to reflect on the challenges of decision-making in a rapidly changing world,
particularly in the field of Agritech. You will also discover key processes, approaches, and behaviors
for effective decision-making, as well as participatory and collective decision-making approaches.
This webinar is primarily aimed at students, doctoral candidates, teachers, and project idea
holders in the field of Agritech, as well as future engineer-managers. However, the academic
community is also welcome. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your decision-making skills!
Date: May 18, 2023
At 1 PM for 2 hours
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